More changes could be coming to the Liberty Way

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Cheers for changes in the Liberty Way

by Eden Bayuk

There could be more possible changes in the future for Liberty University’s Liberty Way.

Over the years, President Falwell has approved many different changes to the Liberty Way. In 2011, small nose piercings became allowing for both male and female students, when before only ear piercings were allowed. In November of the 2013 fall semester a big change came when it was approved for men to wear t-shirts instead of only collared or hooded shirts. They are also allowed to have longer hair now.

Jordan Barstead, a sophomore and Division II hockey player at Liberty University, was very excited about the changes to the Liberty Way, especially when it came to hair length.

“Playing hockey at Liberty is a great honor and a thing a lot of hockey players take pride in is their hair, or what we call “flow”. Previously, we were not allowed to have our hair go past our ears or touch our collar bone. Now that they have taken that rule out us hockey players are really happy that we are able to grow the “flow” again,” Barstead said.

Changes to the Liberty Way have also affected women, such as sophomore Resident Assistant Andi Anderson.

“Changes to the Liberty Way affect me now more than last year just because I am now having to implement disciplinary actions if people I see or know are not abiding by the Liberty Way,” Anderson said.

Because the dress code policy along with other policies are reviewed annually it begs the question of what could possibly be on the discussion board for the 2014-2015 school year.

“I know that there will most likely be some changes to the Liberty Way, but I can’t say what they will be,” Anderson said.

Overall, both Barstead and Anderson agree that Liberty University would not be the same without the Liberty Way.

“I think the changes will be for our good, and ultimately for the glory of God. No changes will be made that will compromise Liberty’s doctrine or belief system,” Anderson said.

Jerry Falwell issued a statement in November 2013 in which he stated: “while Liberty will continually review, revise and update the Liberty Way in order to keep it culturally relevant, it will never compromise its doctrinal statement or its commitment to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.”

Because changes to the Liberty Way are still under wraps for the 2014-2015 school year the anticipation for what could change next is in the air.

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Web News Story:

The Impact of the Liberty Way

  • Through petition students have the power the see changes in the Liberty Way
  • Not everyone is supportive of some of the rules
  • The school is building champions for Christ through the Liberty Way

Each year the Liberty University dress code policy along with other policies and rules are reviewed. With the ever changing culture it is important that the Liberty Way stays up to date, while still implementing restrictions in order to train champions for Christ.

Many of these changes come from the students. According to the Student Government Association many students see something as an issue and bring it to attention at the Student Body Town Hall meetings throughout the year. From there the issues are taken to President Falwell for review.

Andi Anderson, a sophomore Resident Assistant, has seen many changes during her short time at liberty. Because of her position, as a Resident Director, she has to enforce the rules and is one of the first people to hear about these new changes.

“I definitely think changes are good. If nothing ever changed, we would be abiding by rules that were established over 40 years ago. Change is necessary for growth,” Anderson said.

Some students however do not believe that enough changes are taking place when it comes to certain things. Ashlyn Altieri, a sophomore transfer student from Dallas, had a hard time getting used to all of the new rules provided by the Liberty Way.

“I have a lot of things to do during the day and I find that having to sign out and be back at a certain time is a big inconvenience. I came from a school with no rules so having to get used to the Liberty Way has been quite the challenge for me.” Altieri said.

Over the years the dress code has been changed through the petition of the students. While some students may want more “freedom” the likeliness of this is slim, especially when it comes to such things as curfew. Overall, Liberty University has its student’s best interest in mind when it comes to the Liberty Way.

“Because of the Liberty Way, students are held to a different standard that students at other schools. The ultimate goal of the university is to train champions for Christ, and I think the Liberty Way has the potential to aid in that being done.” Anderson said.

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Broadcast News Story:

With new changes being made to the Liberty Way almost every year it is exciting to see what could be on the discussion board this year///

In the past couple of years President Falwell has made many changes///

Jordan Barstead/ a division 2 hockey player/ said after being allowed to grow out the length of his hair he is excited for more possible changes to come in the future///

Resident Assistant Andi Anderson said that there will most likely be some changes to the Liberty Way/ but she can’t say what they will be///

Hopefully soon possible changes will be publically announced///

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