Governor May Grant Cuts for College Grant

Governor May Grant Cuts For College Grant:

By: Landry Coleman

College is expensive. According to CNN Money, the average college student accumulates $29,400 in debt for a bachelor’s degree. Companies, organizations and the government created scholarships and grants in an attempt to combat this statistic.

In Virginia, the VTAG or the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant is one of the most well known and most used grants for students attending private schools. Currently, because of budget cuts Governor McAuliffe and the general assembly are discussing lowering the VTAG.

These budget cuts could mean the end of college careers for a lot of the students that are accepting the assistance. According to the Financial Aid department at Liberty University, the VTAG distributes $3,100 a year to each of its students that are currently registered for its financial assistance.

According to the Virginia Private Colleges website the governor as well as the assembly is attempting to cut back almost $250 million by December. The governor already had budget cuts of $45 million that were proposed in September 2014.

According to the Virginia Private Colleges website almost 22,000 students are registered receive the grant. This includes students that are studying for their undergraduate degree as well as those that are seeking graduate degrees in health related fields.

Potentially this budget cut could hurt many private schools and not just Liberty University. The website for the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, stated that along with Liberty the state also accepts students that attend any of the other 29 schools that they have listed on their website.

Liberty with the help of the other colleges on the list is attempting to do something about the potential cut. They are getting students that have been blessed by the VTAG to write into the governor and express their gratitude and their hope that the grant will not be lowered.

“The VTAG program is at a pivotal point in its continuation. There are proposals in Richmond to reduce VTAG funding, which will lower aid to students who need this grant.” Dr. Robert Ritz, the VP of Financial Aid and State Relations for Liberty University, said in an email. “We want to provide you with an easy way to express your gratitude to state representatives and let them know how much the VTAG program means to you and your friends.”

The governor’s proposals will be announced in a meeting in December, Liberty hopes that the VTAG will continue to be the financial help that it has been to students since 1972.

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Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant could be Decreased

  • Proposals are in place to lower the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG).
  • The meetings will take place in the final days of November.
  • Governor McAuliffe will announce the decision sometime in December.

A little over half of the students that enter college actually leave school with their bachelor’s degree, according to a study done by Politic365. A majority of these dropouts find themselves broke and degreeless after about six years.

College is expensive, and most students attempt to pay for it by using massive student loans and large amounts of credit. But there are ways to avoid a lot of that financial turmoil; a student may choose to apply for scholarships or grants.

In Virginia, the most important grant is the Virginia Tuition assistance grant or the VTAG. Currently, the VTAG’s worth is in question and Governor McAuliffe and the general assembly are discussing decreasing the worth of the grant.

Virginia Private Colleges says that this grant is used by almost 22,000 Virginians that are attending a private school to receive either an undergraduate or graduate degree. If the VTAG is decreased, the statistic at the beginning of the article could increase because of the amount of students that would have to drop out.

Liberty University, as well as the other 29 schools where the grant is accepted is doing their best to help their students. They are attempting to show the governor how important this grant is to their students and have set up a way for students to email the governor to do the same.

The meetings to discuss what should be done about the VTAG and the future of the grant will take place in the final days of November 2014. After a decision has been made the governor will announce the decision sometime in the first few days of December.

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Broadcast Script:

Good Morning audience/ Do you remember when you were in college and how poor you used to be// Well there’s a chance that college students in Virginia could become even more broke than usual// It was announced earlier this week that the governor/ along with the general assembly will be meeting to discuss the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant// The committee will be voting to decide whether they should decrease the current amount of money that college students receive with the grant// If the committee does decide to decrease the grant/ about twenty-two thousand students will be left with significantly less money for college///


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