The walking dead walks for charity

By: Landry Coleman

  • Zombie walk for charity took place in downtown Lynchburg.
  • Hundreds of people participated in the zombie walk.
  • The walk benefited both the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and the Lynchburg Dog Park.

If you had ever dreamed of being in a zombie apocalypse you had the chance to live your dream on Oct. 18 in downtown Lynchburg. A zombie walk was performed in Lynchburg to benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and the Lynchburg Dog Park. Hundreds of people came to Lynchburg on Saturday as zombies and as runners in hopes of helping the needy.

The walk was open to people of all ages, and all ages were represented proudly in this years zombie walk. Prizes were given this year for the best zombie costume, the winners walked away with a prize if they placed in the top five. In the children’s division, prizes were given to the children who were placed in the top three.

Connor Price, a student a Liberty University participated in the walk this year as a zombie. This isn’t the first time that Price has participated in the event and plans on putting on the makeup again next year.

“The zombie walk is great for two reasons, you see people make reactions that look like they are being chased by actual zombies,” Price said. “Also the people that participate are awesome, whether they are zombies or runners this thing just attracts cool people.”

There is also a zombie run that is held every year by United Way. This year the event will take place on Oct. 26, and will be used to benefit the Presbyterian Youth Home. The zombie run will be 3.1 miles and will be followed with a party filled with zombies.

For more information about all things having to do with zombies walking or running, or if you want to know about other ways to get involved with charity work, contact United Way.

*** Interview with Connor Price

*** Photo taken from Connor Price


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