Getting to know Hayley Bell

by Andi Anderson
  • Stronger faith due to father’s accident
  • Lived in hotel during father’s recovery
  • Stronger relationship with parents

After the accident

Hayley Bell has a special appreciation for her parents due to her father’s contracting accident nearly 10 years ago. Doctors said he would never walk again; however, Hayley Bell and her family are firm believers in miracles as a result of her father’s recovery.

After the accident, Hayley Bell and her siblings had to change schools, live with their aunt and uncle, and stay in a hotel while Hayley Bell’s father was going through rehabilitation.

“It was really hard to see how my siblings responded to the accident because they are both very withdrawn when it comes to showing their feelings,” Hayley Bell said via Facebook.

When her father had to go back to work, Hayley Bell and her mother were fearful that another accident would occur on the job site, especially because he was not as strong physically as he was before the accident.

Silver lining

Despite the challenges the Bell family faced, their faith remained strong. Hayley Bell used her father’s strength as an example to excel in athletics. Because her father persevered through rehabilitation, Hayley Bell felt as though she could push through challenges in the athletic world.

Hayley Bell also feels as though her faith has been strengthened greatly as a result of the accident. Because her father was not supposed to be able to walk again, Hayley Bell sees it as a miracle that her father is walking today.

Hayley Bell’s relationship with her parents was also strengthened as a result of the accident.

A weekend to remember

After winning the Outstanding Parent Essay Contest, Hayley Bell had the privilege of spending time with her parents over Family Weekend. The Bell family lives 12 hours from Liberty, so being able to see her family was a blessing for Hayley Bell. She loved being able to share her college experience with them and understands the importance of investing in a strong relationship with her parents.

Hayley Bell and her parents during Family Weekend.

Hayley Bell and her parents, James and Linda, during Family Weekend. Photo courtesy of Hayley Bell

*All quotes were taken from an interview with Hayley Bell via Facebook.

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