How to make Beautiful Letters

  • Hand lettering can be easy with practice.
  • About Mrs Phillips and her accomplishments with hand lettering.
  • Encouragement for students that want to start hand lettering.

One of Liberty University’s own teachers, Mrs. Kelsey Phillips,  demonstrated a creative way to do hand lettering on, Thursday, Sept. 25, to improve others hand lettering skills.

The Liberty chapter of the American Institution of Graphic Arts hosted this event along with Phillips, who is the instructor of Studio and Digital Arts at Liberty University.

Phillips started off the hand lettering demonstration by showing some of her earlier work. Phillips said ” we all start somewhere” which is the best advice for someone in graphic design. Phillips had to start somewhere to.

Phillips’s starting place was her drawing of a series of numbers on a plane and another one of her beginning drawings was a simple “Happy Birthday” script. Phillips said “she wanted to experiment with the things that she could do with hand lettering.” That is what caught her attention with it.

Phillips knows that hand lettering opens you up to not only hand drawn art, but it also opens up the artist to different outlets, like graphic design, fine arts, and multiple other arts.

Phillips even encouraged her student to make a web page , or website when they start out because thats a good way to get a foot in the door. Phillips has now accomplished many things through this.

Phillips stressed the fact to me in my interview with her that it is all about how patient you are with yourself, and how much time you put into it. Because of her constant effort and practice Phillips has show cased some work at a conference in Philadelphia, was recently showing work in Las Vegas, and has designed a cover for a novel called “Between Us and the Moon.”

After Phillips talked about her earlier work she started to demonstrate some basics of hang lettering. Phillips said ” the workshop was the perfect place to go over some very basic techniques that anyone could start off with. Something that everyone could work at alone.”

Phillips talked more about the details of the letters, and certain issues that she find most troubling for beginners. Phillips left me with saying “Most of  the crowd was my students and that was great to see them interested in something I love to do myself.”

I interviewed Mrs. Phillips, that is where some of the direct quotes from her are from. I also typed another article about our interview and hyper linked it into this story.


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