Students support Israel

Liberty students display some of their posters on near the Capitol.

A few Liberty students display some of their posters near the Capitol.

Students and Leaders Rally in D.C.

By: Emily Stotmeister
  • Students marched with posters along New Jersey Avenue.
  • Liberty Students had impressive turnout in Washington D.C. and encouraged prime speakers.
  • Supporters from all over the country and every party stood together for Israel.

In the Upper Square Park in Washington D.C., Sunday Oct. 5, the Stand with Israel Rally took place with more than 70 Liberty students in attendance along with Christian conservative speakers.

With students marching along New Jersey Avenue with their posters looking towards the U.S. Capitol, everyone who witnessed could feel the passion for the support of Israel. With speakers and leaders, including Liberty graduates, politicians and student leaders, the voice of Israel was heard.


“Israel means a safe home for the Jewish people….Israel means a security for America,” said Liberty University’s Senior Class President Chelsea Andrews when she took stage to speak to the people at the rally.

Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America, also spoke at the rally where the supporters waved their Israeli flags. Pledging her support for the Jewish people, after Nance finished her speech, the supporters started to chant, “We will stand. We will stand.”

Other speakers and appearances following Andrews and Nance included:

  • Benham brothers
  • Former Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • Eastern regional coordinator for Christians United for Israel, Victor Styrksy
  • Leader of Stand with Israel Club of Liberty University, Shelby Keith
  • Josh and Anna Duggar

Liberty’s part and future

Allegedly, all the speakers were impressed by the turn out from Liberty students. Called the “future” and the “hope” for America, the students and supporters were fired up. Among the students from Liberty was Mary Teal Mulligan, who shared her thoughts on her favorite parts of the rally.

“My favorite parts of the event were seeing people from all over the nation come together and agree on one thing- the fact that our government needs to support our greatest ally, Israel. Support for Israel has always been a controversial issue in government, so it was really encouraging to see members of both parties turn out to send the message to Congress and the President.”

Benham brothers speaking at the Stand for Israel rally.

Benham brothers speaking at the Stand with Israel rally.

*Quotes and few facts were from Mary Teal Mulligan through an extra credit, interview. Mulligan is credited for the  two photos of the students and the Brenham brothers.

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